Things You Should Know When Visiting Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai for the first time? There are several things you need to know before booking your ticket for this luxurious city. Dubai is one of the cities that has increasingly become a popular tourist destination in the last decade. This city has a glittering skyline, the world’s tallest tower, busiest international airport, sunny weather year-round, massive shopping malls just to mention a few. However, visiting this beautiful city requires an understanding of the local etiquette prior to the trip. Here are things you should know before you visit this city.

What to Wear

Dressing appropriately in Dubai is important. Although tank tops and bathing suits are to be worn when on the beach, it is best to keep your shoulders and your legs from your knees. Being a Muslim state, dressing modestly is important especially when visiting public places. This is to help prevent unwanted attention from people.

Book Restaurants in Advance

Dubai is a busy city and you need to plan everything in advance. If you need to go out for dinner, be sure to make a reservation in a restaurant of your choice. It can be challenging to get a table without a reservation in the peak season. It is even better to book before you travel to have your place secure.

The Food Scene

With the huge expat population, you can be sure to find a wealth of food choices. Whatever your taste, you will always find what you like in this city. The multicultural mix of the city gives you the opportunity to feast on any food within your budget.


Tipping is a custom in Dubai as opposed to other cities. Tipping your driver, waiter, or hotel staff for good service is a common thing. You don’t have to feel inclined to tip especially if the service offered was bad. Ten percent of the total bill is a good tip for the good service received.

Getting Around

There are endless taxis readily available to get you around at cheaper rates. Use a taxi with a meter to avoid unwanted charges. While some taxis have credit card payment systems, others don’t have. For luxurious transportation, you can use Uber by connecting with the driver on their mobile app.  

You Can Be Arrested for PDA

Respecting the local culture of any area is very important. Public display of affection is not allowed in this city. This includes anything beyond holding hands such as kissing or touching private parts in public. There are consequences you have to face if a police officer sees you or someone reports you.

Drinking alcohol

There is alcohol in plenty and you can purchase it in bars, restaurants, and clubs affiliated with a hotel. However, it is not acceptable to drink alcohol in public as it can land you in jail or fine for being intoxicated in public. It is not easy to buy bottles of alcohol from a store except for residents that are licensed to buy alcohol.

Weekend is on Friday and Saturday

In Dubai, weekends are from Thursday to Saturday and not Friday to Sunday as usual. This means that Sunday is the dreaded first day of the week.

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