3 Moroccan places that you will love

Morocco is a country that has a lot more to tell than the story portrayed in the movie Casablanca. This country is super scenic, from its crowded and joyful markets to the natural blessings one can find on its landscapes that include warm beaches and high mountain peaks that provide skiing scenarios. It’s one of the most beautiful and historically rich countries of all Africa and the Arabic world, so for every traveling enthusiast, this is a must see. If you’re planning to go to Morocco soon, take a view at the best three places that will make you fall in love with this country.


This is a city where the religious multiculturalism of Morocco manifests on a great way. Chefchaouen is particularly blue. As many of its first settlers were Jewish flew Spain centuries ago, they painted the buildings in many blue shades because this color reminded them God and Heaven. Nowadays this heritage is still on, not even the most important roofing company will dare to do a job that implies using a color different from blue. If you want to learn more about its history, go to the Kasbah a former prison that now serves as a beautiful museum.

High Atlas

The Moroccan coast is the birthplace of one of the most outstanding mountain chains of Africa. There you can find the Toubkal National Park, a magic place where you can go hike on summer or seize the winter to escape the typical heat and practice your favorite snow sport. Other outstanding landscape you will find is the Todgha Gorge, an array of limestone canyons near the Tinerhir town that were sculpted by the Todgha River. You can also visit Aït-Benhaddou, a city which antique looking made it perfect to film some scenes of the iconic movie Gladiator.


Marrakech is a city full of history and beauty. It’s a paradise for those who are botanical enthusiasts as the Menara Gardens and the Jardin Majorelle, the most relaxing places in such a busy city. The constant movement of Marrakech can be sensed in the Souks, where you can find a lot of handmade souvenirs that represent Morocco at its fullest, from carpets to spices and a classical haggling experience. Finish your trip at Djemaa el Fna the most important square where you can find snake charmers and a market with everything you need near your hotel.

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